Special Election

I have not been blogging for a while. The hot topics are just too depressing. But, you can’t just quit fighting ignorance in high places, can you?

Here in northern Columbus, Ohio we have a special election coming up on August 7. I’m not going to deal with the candidates in this post. That’s not the point of it. As I prepared to take my daily (ideally) two mile walk, I thought I’d stick some simple non-partisan reminders under mailbox flags as I went. I printed up 200 little flyers, four on a sheet and sliced them apart with my paper cutter.

They said, simply:

If we always vote in every election, we will always have a
representative government.

If we don’t, we won’t.

Special election August 7, 2018.

Off I went. Four miles later (woo hoo), I was back home. I’ll do the same thing as I walk until election day, varying my route. It’s something easy to do, good for me, and hopefully, good for someone else.


A Legitimate Tool?

I cannot get the pure horror of Donald Trump’s parent-child separation border control strategy out of my mind. This man is simply evil. I have called him a moron, but I have come to see that he is not. A moron is by definition to be excused for his irrational actions. Trump is a rational stupid bully, and as evidenced by his own words, (1) a psychopath who sees the unconscionable act of ripping crying children from the arms of their parents as a legitimate tool to use to force opposition legislators to bend to his will, SOMETHING THEY MUST NOT DO, just as moral border guards must refuse to touch the children of asylum-seekers and immigrants, and damn the consequences.

We have a would-be Hitler in our White House. That is no exaggeration.  He must be stopped before he destroys our national conscience as he has our international stature. It it will be too late if he is able to build a foundation of hate and intolerance upon which to execute his agenda. He must be resisted and opposed at every turn, as Hitler was not by the German people nor their government. Trump’s lackeys in Congress and his administration must be exposed, remembered, and removed at the first opportunity. And, we must never let something like his appointment (2) to the Presidency happen again.

There is NO EXCUSE not to vote.


  1. https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/16/politics/trump-separation-families-negotiating-tool/index.html
  2. Trump lost the popular vote. He was appointed to the Presidency by an electoral college that was very likely unconstitutionally formulated.

A Memorial Day Rumination

Our newly empowered Border Patrol has over the last few months, it seems, (1) separated 1500 children from their prospective immigrant parents and the Department of Human Services has lost them. Is the idea here to make the potential pain of attempting to enter the United States simply too great to bear? Given the broken moral compass of the present administration, I am afraid to know the answer. If the pain of losing one’s children is not enough to keep our neighbors out of our yard, will the threat of death at the hands of the Border Patrol (2) be more effective? Is crossing a border now a capital crime?

It is vitally important that those in uniform know when their leaders are wrong, when their orders may simply amount to kidnapping, murder, or suppression of speech, and be prepared to make the personal sacrifice sometimes required of a good person. I came to such a point as a 19 year-old airman in the US Air Force. I sat on a flight line on a bitterly cold night, wrapped in my parka, waiting on news of an upcoming deployment, and realized that I would be off to Canada if our unit was to be moved to Vietnam (it was not). This was not an act of cowardice, but a considered and difficult act of morality.

We needed acts of morality at Kent State and Jackson State, and we did not get them. We got the murder of innocents and suppression of speech and assembly instead. Today, we need acts of morality on the border to our troubled country. If I were a 19 year-old border guard today, I would simply resign before I found myself acting like those who served in the Grenztruppen der DDR at the Berlin Wall. Or have we already reached that point?

Memorial day should not simply be about remembering and honoring those who gave all in service, but also about remembering why they served, and remembering just what service is honorable, and what is not.


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Teachers With Guns

Here is a link to a very timely little story about guns in schools, (1) and a reminder that the solution to our gun problem is not more guns, and certainly not guns in schools, even in the hands of professionals.

Added below: 4/16/2018

Here is another link to a story about teachers with guns. (2) This time, it’s about a Parkland teacher who left his gun in a public restroom.


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In A Small Way, Meaningful

OK, I was wrong. The Florida Legislature did something meaningful. (1)(2) They raised the age at which one may purchase a weapon of war from 18 to 21. I concede this is, in a small way, meaningful.

Then they added a three day minimum waiting period to the purchase of firearms. That, too is, in a small way, meaningful. One will now have to wait a few days unless the they are in one of the bill’s exempted classes. If someone somewhere does his or her job within that waiting period, a gun sale to a known potential mass murderer might be stopped.

Bump stocks for semi-automatic weapons are banned. That’s meaningful, but the ban blows by the real question about the guns themselves. Let’s get rid of automatic and semi-automatic guns, all of them. No one needs them. None of them. They are not Constitutionally protected. If you don’t have one, a bump stock is a door stop. I’m sure this will happen sooner or later, although in today’s political climate exactly when probably depends more upon body counts in our schools than the use of reason. How many dead kids can we tolerate? Where is the line we cannot cross? These are good questions to ask a Florida legislator. What are the answers? Really!

As inadequate as they are, I had not expected even these small steps toward meaningful gun control legislation in Florida. If the bill stopped there, It would have been a start.

But, the Legislature also tossed in arming some school employees. This makes sense only if one has given up on a peaceful society, only if we must expect mass murderers in our schools as a normal state of affairs. For me, this single negative added to the other weak positives yields close to a zero score on the bill overall.

Even close to zero is too much for the NRA, it seems. They have already sued Florida on the new law. (3)

As a reminder to those of us who prefer advancing legislation based upon reason rather than body counts, the gun problem is about guns, nothing else. The NRA passionately wants you to think otherwise, but it’s just about guns. Don’t let their straw men distract you. Keep your focus. It’s about GUNS. You’ll know when we get meaningful legislation because the number of GUNS will go down, not up. It’s really that simple, and the facts are plainly there to convince any rational skeptic, if not an NRA evangelical. (4)

As rational and compassionate human beings determined to fix our GUN problem we can do better than Florida has done so far. Keep it up, Stoneman Douglas kids, kids everywhere. Register and vote. You are our hope and the key.


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Let There Be No More Silence

Survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre went to Tallahassee yesterday to urge the State Legislature to take up an assault weapons ban. They got a moment of silence and an unceremonious rejection. (1)

Because of the unrelenting pressure they are now feeling, Florida’s legislators may painfully croak out some legislation increasing background checks and providing increased mental health services. Maybe they will do a bump-stock prohibition now that Trump has said OK.

But, they won’t do anything meaningful.

Even so, do not despair, young folks. Do not lose hope. You CAN defeat these people. Keep the ball rolling.

Let there be no more silence — ever.


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Accessories Before The Fact

Senator Marco Rubio, who has accepted $3.3 million from the NRA, (1) said Thursday that gun restrictions cannot prevent mass shootings like the one at a Parkland school in his home state. (2)

That is a lie.

Australia (3) and the United Kingdom, (4) both cultures quite like our own, and both in the wake of tragedies like Parkwood, have demonstrated convincingly that strict gun laws work very well. They work there and they can work here. We can outlaw classes of weapons within the framework of an obsolete and misinterpreted 2nd Amendment to our Constitution. Rubio can sponsor a bill to do that today instead of wringing his hands.

No one needs automatic or semiautomatic weapons of any kind for any reason. Gather them up and destroy them. All of them. We can evaluate, test, and license gun owner/operators as we do for motor vehicles. These actions alone would bring the frequency of incidents like that at Parkwood sharply down and save many, many innocent lives. After those easy things we can begin the tougher process of bringing our country’s highest and most outdated law into harmony with the reality of modern life.

Whatever NRA sponsored elected officials do, offering up prayers and sympathy after murders like Parkland is nothing but an insult. Pointing to the “sanctity” of a constitution they were elected to manage, (5) is a cop-out by an accessory before the fact.

It’s time to stop putting accessories before the fact in Congress.



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  5. The Constitution is a law that can be amended. That’s what congressmen are supposed to do.

No Time For Patience

Well, we had another AR-15 mass murder yesterday. 17 dead in a Florida school so far. We’ll probably hear more crap like Bill O’Reilly’s, “This is the price of freedom.” comment on the Las Vegas shooting. (1) Of course, Bill was and is completely wrong about that. My freedom in absolutely no way depends upon the senselessly spilled blood of 17 students and teachers. Nobody’s freedom depends upon that, and it is a price no one should have to pay. We will hear more garbage like Bill’s for a while now. I suspect nothing from the NRA as it hides until the outrage blows over.

Think about that: until the outrage blows over.

Bob Gabordi, Florida Today, (2) urges us to mourn the lost children in Florida before turning this latest tragedy political. I’m sorry Bob. We need to turn this thing political now and not let up. We need to raise holy hell now — before the NRA slithers out of its hidey-hole and starts throwing more money at politicians (3) to leave things alone, or perhaps to arm all of our kids. Then we need to keep that holy hell raised until the guns are where they belong, melted down and reformed into plowshares.

This is no time to wax philosophical or be patient. This country has a real problem with guns.


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Not Much More To Say

Jesuit James Martin tweeted succinctly yesterday (1):

“Why are we having all these people from sh#*hole countries come here?”
1) They are our brothers and sisters in need.
2) They are often fleeing war, violence or famine.
3) There are children among them.
4) It’s the right thing to do.
5) That’s who we are.

There’s not much more to say about what’s wrong with Mr. Trump’s “shithole” remarks (plural (2)), except that if we can’t see the validity of each and every one of Martin’s points, we really do have a problem.


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Kidnap Norwegians?

According to the Washington Post, our Moron-In-Chief let his true nature shine through a crack in his usually  solid alt-fact distortion field today:

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, according to these people, referring to African countries and Haiti. He then suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries like Norway, whose prime minister he met Wednesday. (1)

I suppose we don’t get more Norwegians because those folks live in the happiest country in the world, (2,3) which is also a democracy in which the people elect as leaders those who get the most votes, not the least. How would Mr. Trump “bring more” of these people here from their country – tell them a bunch of lies? Hey, fourteenth (the USA) is better than first! Maybe kidnap them?

I think I know where the “shithole” is, and it ain’t in African countries or Haiti. It’s at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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