Legacy House Energy

The link below (1) will connect you with the Enphase public information site for the Legacy House solar system. You will find that it is a smaller system of only 20 panels on our garage. Our goal is to generate about 80% of our electric power requirements. Given the high-performance design of the house 20 should be about right, although we are now getting some morning shading from the house next to us (south). The roof of the main house is designed to support 24 more panels, so we can always add a few.

We have just switched our electric supply to a wind source provider. We are now fossil fuel free. If we fall a bit short of our 80% solar goal while we learn how things are working, we need not feel bad.

  1. https://enlighten.enphaseenergy.com/pv/public_systems/gReL1525541/overview?preview=1