A Legitimate Tool?

I cannot get the pure horror of Donald Trump’s parent-child separation border control strategy out of my mind. This man is simply evil. I have called him a moron, but I have come to see that he is not. A moron is by definition to be excused for his irrational actions. Trump is a rational stupid bully, and as evidenced by his own words, (1) a psychopath who sees the unconscionable act of ripping crying children from the arms of their parents as a legitimate tool to use to force opposition legislators to bend to his will, SOMETHING THEY MUST NOT DO, just as moral border guards must refuse to touch the children of asylum-seekers and immigrants, and damn the consequences.

We have a would-be Hitler in our White House. That is no exaggeration.  He must be stopped before he destroys our national conscience as he has our international stature. It it will be too late if he is able to build a foundation of hate and intolerance upon which to execute his agenda. He must be resisted and opposed at every turn, as Hitler was not by the German people nor their government. Trump’s lackeys in Congress and his administration must be exposed, remembered, and removed at the first opportunity. And, we must never let something like his appointment (2) to the Presidency happen again.

There is NO EXCUSE not to vote.


  1. https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/16/politics/trump-separation-families-negotiating-tool/index.html
  2. Trump lost the popular vote. He was appointed to the Presidency by an electoral college that was very likely unconstitutionally formulated.