Let There Be No More Silence

Survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre went to Tallahassee yesterday to urge the State Legislature to take up an assault weapons ban. They got a moment of silence and an unceremonious rejection. (1)

Because of the unrelenting pressure they are now feeling, Florida’s legislators may painfully croak out some legislation increasing background checks and providing increased mental health services. Maybe they will do a bump-stock prohibition now that Trump has said OK.

But, they won’t do anything meaningful.

Even so, do not despair, young folks. Do not lose hope. You CAN defeat these people. Keep the ball rolling.

Let there be no more silence — ever.


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Accessories Before The Fact

Senator Marco Rubio, who has accepted $3.3 million from the NRA, (1) said Thursday that gun restrictions cannot prevent mass shootings like the one at a Parkland school in his home state. (2)

That is a lie.

Australia (3) and the United Kingdom, (4) both cultures quite like our own, and both in the wake of tragedies like Parkwood, have demonstrated convincingly that strict gun laws work very well. They work there and they can work here. We can outlaw classes of weapons within the framework of an obsolete and misinterpreted 2nd Amendment to our Constitution. Rubio can sponsor a bill to do that today instead of wringing his hands.

No one needs automatic or semiautomatic weapons of any kind for any reason. Gather them up and destroy them. All of them. We can evaluate, test, and license gun owner/operators as we do for motor vehicles. These actions alone would bring the frequency of incidents like that at Parkwood sharply down and save many, many innocent lives. After those easy things we can begin the tougher process of bringing our country’s highest and most outdated law into harmony with the reality of modern life.

Whatever NRA sponsored elected officials do, offering up prayers and sympathy after murders like Parkland is nothing but an insult. Pointing to the “sanctity” of a constitution they were elected to manage, (5) is a cop-out by an accessory before the fact.

It’s time to stop putting accessories before the fact in Congress.



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  5. The Constitution is a law that can be amended. That’s what congressmen are supposed to do.

No Time For Patience

Well, we had another AR-15 mass murder yesterday. 17 dead in a Florida school so far. We’ll probably hear more crap like Bill O’Reilly’s, “This is the price of freedom.” comment on the Las Vegas shooting. (1) Of course, Bill was and is completely wrong about that. My freedom in absolutely no way depends upon the senselessly spilled blood of 17 students and teachers. Nobody’s freedom depends upon that, and it is a price no one should have to pay. We will hear more garbage like Bill’s for a while now. I suspect nothing from the NRA as it hides until the outrage blows over.

Think about that: until the outrage blows over.

Bob Gabordi, Florida Today, (2) urges us to mourn the lost children in Florida before turning this latest tragedy political. I’m sorry Bob. We need to turn this thing political now and not let up. We need to raise holy hell now — before the NRA slithers out of its hidey-hole and starts throwing more money at politicians (3) to leave things alone, or perhaps to arm all of our kids. Then we need to keep that holy hell raised until the guns are where they belong, melted down and reformed into plowshares.

This is no time to wax philosophical or be patient. This country has a real problem with guns.


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