Three-Year-Old Revokes Rule

We’ve had an interesting week or so in Washington. First, on February 17th Donald Trump signed legislation revoking the Stream Protection Rule (1) which helped protect streams from coal strip mine pollution. This, he thinks, is an important part of putting miners back to work digging the coal no one wants. (2) At ThinkProgress, Joe Romm has a 2014 piece in which he references Paul Krugman’s take on miner unemployment. Automation has taken those jobs and they are not coming back. (3) As I see it, the non-rule we now have might best be called the “Shit Non-Rule” because it basically says it’s OK to shit in your neighbor’s backyard and let the neighbor pay the costs of cleanup. It’s the American way.

Then, today our non-elected (4) leader decided that news agencies that don’t tell it like he sees it can expect access problems. My first thought is that this action is much like that of a three-year-old who won’t let a friend on the outs come to their birthday party, and that really says a lot about the dangerous character that sits in the Oval Office these days. Upon reflection, I think the excluded news agencies really just missed out on an alternate fact presentation. Maybe they could have made better use of their time chatting and drinking coffee around a table at Starbucks instead of listening to a 3-year-old having a tantrum. We’ll see what excuse pops up, or who gets blamed. I don’t think this will last. Not like the Shit Non-Rule.


    By votes cast: Trump-62,985,106 Clinton-65,853,625