We returned to Ohio from a month in Germany on Monday. It was good to be away from the United States during the craziness of Donald Trump’s coronation. But, that craziness inspired my wife and me to become more active in the United States’ political process. The first thing we did Tuesday morning was to join the ACLU. The first thing I (writing like this is personal) did was to crank up this blog. Writing will help me solidify my ideas, and assure that they have at least some potential exposure. If we do nothing in the face of advancing tyranny, if we do not speak out, we are complicit.

I referred to Trump’s “coronation” above. Coronations were what happened after European colleges of electors (1) chose their kings. We saw electors’ tombs in some of the German churches and cathedrals we toured. For the second time in the 21st century, the United States has as President a person rejected by the people, but selected by a college of electors. So, coronation, I think, not inauguration is the proper term. But whatever we call the ceremonial installation of Mr. Trump as President of the United States, it did not come about through a democratic process (one person, one vote).

There is much to do to ensure that Presidents of the United States are democratically elected and somewhere early in that project stands ridding ourselves of our Electoral College.